SEO Consultant in Nigeria

Sometimes a fully-immersive and hands-on SEO and PPC Management is not going to suit a business in any part of Nigeria as a whole. If you have your own web development team, either in-house or outsourced, we can still work with you.

Meredox Limited’s SEO consulting services can be tailored to any business of any size. As your SEO consultant, we will guide you through best practices, advice, and tips for the best SEO for your site, and equip you and your team with the tools you’ll need to outrank the competition.


Our SEO Consulting Process includes: analysis, strategic plans and steps to make your business website rank high on top search engines achieve.

It is only when we fully understand your business and your business’s goals that we then conduct thorough research on every aspect of your site and presences on the Internet. We take what we learn, develop a strategy, and then create a process for you to implement, complete with custom timelines and recommendations.


Our enterprise-level SEO consultant service has no boundaries.
We start with a thorough analysis of your website and the competition within your industry in order to develop a customized strategy tailored around your goals and resources. Our SEO service will provide analysis, strategy, and steps to your SEO and social media marketing-related needs.


Meredox Ltd will ensure correct and timely implementation. All of our SEO services incorporate industry best practices, plus our individual methodology. Our Analysts will provide a platform for your team to ask questions and receive detailed knowledge transfer of our methodologies. Analysts also provide Quality Assurance and review of the implementation down to the smallest details.

Our SEO Consulting Services include:
  • Complete website technical analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword / SEO analysis & strategy
  • Custom SEO strategy whitepapers
  • Social media optimization

Stay on target with our web design services

Web design should inspire and connect brands to consumers.
We cater to your desires and goals, but we also ensure that your site maintains a consistent brand identity.